Galaxy Nexus LTE delay possibly due to NFC?



NFC for Google wallet is being disabled on the the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless

This may be speculation but over at BGR (Boy Genius Report) they are mentioning that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless will not be supporting NFC use for Google Wallet. Instead they are promoting their own ISIS platform in alignment with T-Mobile and AT&T.  On a personal note: The carriers already have more power than I would like them to over the handsets in this country and the idea that they can limit/Control commerce over their network seems to be an awful precedent to allow.  You may not agree with this sentiment, but that is not the crux of this posting, and is an argument better discussed in a separate post.

This is the most logical reason I have read that could account for the unexplained delays in the VZW release of this limited time Exclusive and hotly anticipated Android offering.  The other possible justifications for the delay:

  1. Maximize profits from the sales of RAZR's and the Rezound - (Doesn't make sense in that these two releases clearly compete with each other why is the Galaxy Nexus any different.)
  2. Adding bloatware -  "Carrier Bloatware" is among the myriad reasons this phone is anticipated.
  3. Fixing the ghost volume bug -  This bug came up after the phone was released throughout europe, and there is no evidence that they had prior knowledge or that this was affecting the LTE versions of the Galaxy Nexus.

To me the NFC Google Wallet disabling is more than a small issue, and something I am surprised hadn't been revealed earlier. Most likely this is the root of the delay of this phones release. If there is something else or some other reason you think is stalling the release of this phone on Verizon Wireless please respond below, as much of what I had read seemed to not make sense.