Do you think Microsoft will add features to WP7 that Apple has outright refused to add to the iPhone?

So I've used my Focus Flash for a few days now, and I so far feel that it's basically a Microsoft iPhone. For instance, the Bluetooth is severely gimped, I don't see any option for sending files at all. There's no drag and drop file sharing, which I find extremely inconvenient, there's no filesystem access on the phone, you have to use Zune software to sync (which occurred to me that it's basically Microsoft's iTunes). There's no widgets, which I believe would be useful for switching wifi and Bluetooth off and on, peer to peer wifi doesn't seem to work (I tried it from my computer, didn't work).  And this is really annoying because I don't have wifi access on the phone right now so to put any files (ie Word or Excel) on the phone, I have to use my data allotment instead of just having simple and easy access right through my computer. And heck, it's even worse than Apple, because at least through iTunes you can send files to a device over USB. What happened to you Microsoft? You used to be cool. Now my Focus is basically a brick until I can get wifi access. 

So please Microsoft, add on these features so I can have a smooth phone that doesn't feel gimped like the iPhone. And please come up with more storage! I think 32 GB would be fine for the next gen phones. And how ironic that the Nokia N9 has up to 64 GB but the Lumia 800 has only 16 GB. Don't get me wrong, it's a great OS, it's really fast and stable, and the UI is basically the best out there, but I'm dying here! 

So I'd like to know, will they add features that Apple doesn't offer, like:

Peer to peer wifi (maybe they support it but I for the life of me can't get it to work through my computer)

Bluetooth file sharing

USB drag and drop mass storage

File system access on the phone (may be unnecessary but would be nice still)

USB OTG support (would be cool to connect a HD or flash drive and be able to use the files on it)

Widgets (maybe just expand the live tile APIs so they can be resized and you can interact with them)


On the other hand, I know they're working on NFC, dual core, and LTE, so no complaints from me there :)