Microsoft said back in October that it would be teaming up with various TV partners to bring more streaming content to the Xbox, and Verizon's just announced that it will be adding 26 live channels to the Xbox Live TV for FiOS customers sometime in December. Kinect voice and gesture support will also be included, meaning that you'll be able to control things by speaking to your Xbox and waving about. The service will stream TV directly through the Xbox via a standalone application, without the need for a separate set-top box. 

To get the channels, customers will require an Xbox Live Gold membership and must be subscribed to FiOS TV and internet service plans which start at $89.99 a month. Verizon's sweetening the deal for new customers, though, with a  12-month Gold membership and a copy of Xbox Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary if they sign up by January 21st. Hopefully we'll know more about plans from Comcast and Microsoft's other partners when the Xbox Live update rolls out on December 6th