If rewiring a house was as simple as Gunpoint makes it, we as a species would most assuredly be more prolific pranksters. Developer (and PC Gamer writer) Tom Francis ("Pentadact") calls it "a stealth game about rewiring things, punching people, and trying not to get shot" — and we can't think of a better description. In this pixelated two-dimensional thriller, you play a secret agent who needs to break into high-security buildings, steal secrets / do spy things to the computer terminals, and escape without being shot (bonus: it's encouraged to jump dramatically through glass and out windows). But what's really interesting here is the crosslink rewiring system.

With the click of a mouse you can rewire most anything — doors, sensors, fuseboxes, ceiling lights, switches, elevators, security cameras — to one another in an effort to successfully complete your mission. Trick a security guard to tinker with a "faulty" light switch that in turn knocks out another security guard with a fast-moving door, so that you can sneak by undisturbed. And when all else fails, just tackle the bothersome security guards out a window — it's fun and you walk away unscathed. 

A Windows PC version is expected for later this year. The developer is looking for talented musicians to contribute, and if you need further proof of this insanely creative idea, we suggest you check out the new eight-minute video demonstration.