Why are so many people hostile to "PLASTIC" phones?

It honestly reeks of throwing out any argument one can to make metal casing phones seem superior as some sort of intrinsic property of metal.  

Metal phones have an aluminum casing, not meteorite sourced adamantium that was stripped from the skeleton of woverine and blessed by the creator.

Every time samsung or some other phone maker releases a phone on one of these tech sites, you will invariably see some comment about "cheap plastic"... cheap in what way?  Literally?  As in it is a cheap component of the phone in terms of cost?

This might be true, but to that I ask so what?  I do not care about the expense of a material component for its own sake, I care about its utility/function and design and feel. Cheap in terms of durability?  This here is a statement of fact, a plastic phone is either durable or it isn't, it's either more or less durable than a metal phone, this is not the realm of opinion, someone is WRONG.

I have the galaxy s II, and many people complained about the flimsy plastic backing, rebutted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErXqnQKs-tA

The back plastic cover is quite thin and light, can be bent like rubber, but pops back to normal shape with that excessive abuse.   But it's true the back cover is not "stiff."  I think this is a case of people being confused between durable and resilient vs how hard a cover is.

If hardness = durability to any of you, you are confused.  This is a fact, not opinion.  

Another durability test of a high end "PLASTIC" phone drop compared to the reigning metal/glass phone of choice.


That "cheap plastic" phone seemed to fare pretty well, and I have already dropped my phone once onto concrete  and it survived with essentially no damage.

I think the argument that plastic = lower durability can be demonstrably stated as FALSE.  It is a believe many people have, but some beliefs are simply wrong.

Look/Feel :   

This area is much more subjective, and there is no right or wrong answer here.  If someone prefers the feel of metal and or glass, then they do, end of story.

But just so we're clear, this is a different type of statement and claim.  

The statement:

I prefer the look and feel of a metal and or glass phone.

is NO different in substance than the statement:

I prefer chocolate flavored ice cream.

There is nothing objective in such a statement, it is simply an expressed preference.  

So now I ask again, why are people so down on plastic phones?  I don't get the automatic put down for not having a metallic casing.  Someone please explain it to me.  And hopefully the explanations aren't simply of the kind that mirror:  I like vanilla ice cream.