Android Car Stereo from Sony?


Why haven’t we seen any good Android head units for cars? Google has released a “Car Home” app that puts common car functions at your fingertips (navigation, music, phone, etc). Are the margins too small? I mean, it would essentially be and Android tablet. This would fill the 5”-7” tablet/phone void that was talked about on the Verge Mobile podcast.

Imagine having an android device in your car all the time. Chrome-to-Phone and similar apps would work amazingly well, send directions to your stereo (which you CAN do on SOME cars already). Buy a song on the Android Market and boom, it is in your car. Yes. all of this is possible on a phone, which is possibly why there is no money in this. We’ve seen a few, too big, too small.

Are we all content with the stereo our car comes with? Do we just want a dumb audio pipe into our integrated audio systems or do we want to wait for a proprietary Pandora remote control for our internet-connected phone? I understand that there would be a lot of overlap between a phone/car stereo/tablet, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an android device and all of the useful apps right there in your car, not constantly running out of battery life?

Why hasn’t Sony (who makes great Android devices, and decent car stereos) made an Android-powered car stereo!? Why can’t we get Android running on this amazing looking device, Sony XNV-660BT?
Sony, the ball is in your court.