Galaxy Nexus (HSPA) battery life better than expected...

So I got my Galaxy Nexus from Expansys this past weekend and I've been using it pretty heavily for the last 3 days partly because I'm that "honeymoon" period where you keep fiddling with your new toy and partly because of setting everything up the way I'm used to on my phone. As a result I haven't been able to observe the battery life that well because I've been overusing it.

Today was the first day that I was able to really use the phone as I normally would and gauge the battery on the Galaxy Nexus. I used it today as I used my old G2X, my now previous Sensation (with extended battery) and any phone I would own.

I wasn't expecting much but the results have been quite pleasing. There's no magic formula with battery life since everyone uses their phone differently so YMMV but for me, it seems the Galaxy Nexus is going to fit right into my life just fine.

Overview of my usage:

  • Wifi and Bluetooth on whole time - used wifi at home and a little at work
  • Tons of texting - no really, a lot
  • Over 1 hour of phone calls on a Bluetooth headset - it was in my house so didn't look like a douche
  • Over 3 hours of A2DP streaming - listening to podcasts on the way to/from work and during lunch
  • Periods of no signal - subway to/from work and the occasional long elevator ride
  • Screen on for 2 hours - Google Reader, browser, Twitter, Facebook, GMail, Maps, etc.
  • Took 5-6 photos of my daughter - unlike other people I'm happy with the camera, when you have kids shutter lag is way more important than anything else
  • AutoSync on, Twitter 30 mins, Facebook 1 hr, Yahoo Mail app with push, other crap checking often as well
  • Auto-brightness ON

So basically I did everything I wanted with not even a second thought to conserving battery and I think that's the only way to truly test a smartphone battery - use it how you want and hope it keeps up.