SSD drive on an Early 2008 MacBook Pro

I've been considering this for a while, and have done a little bit of research, but I was wondering if anybody here could provide some suggestions.

I have a 2008 (early) Macbook Pro, and the thing is getting a little bit long in the tooth. It's still perfectly capable at running things like Photoshop (thankfully), but I've noticed that in everyday usage, such as starting up and opening applications, that it takes longer than it used to. The RAM is the maximum 4 GB that my computer can handle, so I think the easiest way for me to improve speed would be to install a SSD.

Instead of replacing my hard drive, I think the route to take would be to put it in place of the CD drive. The case is a little bit bent, so I can't use the CD drive anyways, and that would still provide me with ample storage space at a reasonable budget. However, the only drive replacement kits out there that I can find are for Unibody MacBook Pros, which is one generation and a considerable redesign newer than mine. An example of such a kit is OWC's Data Doubler Kit.

Does anybody know of anything out there for my MacBook?

The other option I'm considering is just replacing the HDD with a faster RPM, and possibly higher capacity drive. I currently have is a 250 GB Hitachi Travelstar, which spins 5400 RPM. Upping that to a 7200 RPM would cost about $100 from what I can gather, which is just about where I think I'd like this to cost me. Would this be a better, or at least comparable option for increasing the responsiveness? I think I would be capable of handling the DIY aspect of either upgrade. Thanks in advance.