Plex, the popular media streaming client that already had an Android app, is among the first pieces of third party software available for Google TV. It was only a couple of days ago that Google flipped the switch on the Android 3.1 update that enabled apps on its connected TV software, yet the Google TV Plex app is already available thanks to some advance work behind the scenes. Almost all the Plex functionality you know and love is available, whether you want to stream media from your PC or Mac through your local network or remotely. That includes support for the newly introduced myPlex, whose main attraction is a universal media queue that will remember where you stopped watching on one Plex client and resume from that point on another. Use of the remote control is disabled, at least for now, and there a couple of other minor caveats you'll find in the source link below, but otherwise it's the full Plex experience on your Google TV. A few more apps like this and Google's maligned TV offering might just find itself a fresh breath of life.