The process of installing Mac OS X Lion on custom Hackintosh PCs has become much easier, thanks to a new utility called UniBeast that creates an all-in-one bootable USB drive, allowing users to install the OS from scratch instead of having to install Snow Leopard first and then upgrade. 

To use the tool, you'll need a 8GB or larger flash drive, which UniBeast uses to create the bootable drive from your copy of Lion, whether it's from the App Store or on a thumb drive. After that, installation of Mac OS Lion should be a simple process, but you'll still need use another handy utility called MultiBeast to install drivers and get your Hackintosh up and running. Still, it's far more convenient (and cheaper) than the prior method, which required the creation of a boot CD and copies of both Snow Leopard and Lion — not to mention far more time and patience.