Synth maestro Korg has just announced a couple of additions to its Monotron line of pocket-sized analog synthesizers. The original Monotron was announced back in 2010, and is a simple syntheziser which combines an oscillator, ribbon-controlled keyboard, filters and a line-in. The ribbon controller was what really set it apart from other mini-keyboards — its touch sensitivity allows for expression like vibrato that plastic keys can't offer. The two new models, the Duo and Delay, don't stray far from the original's design but bring a couple of cool features to differentiate themselves.

The Duo adds a second oscillator and modulator for twisted harmonies, whereas the Delay includes a digital Space Delay for that "dub synth" sound, and a case design straight out of Star Wars. Both keep the line-in function, meaning that they can be easily added to your current setup. We're yet to hear any word on price or availability for these, but the original was just $59.99. Check out the videos below for an idea of what they can do.