Meizu M9 owners no longer have to wonder if they'll be able to run Ice Cream Sandwich. Jack Wong, CEO of China-based Meizu, recently visited his company's forums and posted a quick message confirming that the M9 will be updated to the latest version of Android. It's exciting to see Meizu promise an update to its heavily skinned version of Android this early, though we have to wonder how timely this update will be (we assume Meizu will keep its custom skin intact). 

Wong also noted that the upcoming quad-core MX will run ICS, though it's not clear if it will be at launch or be updated down the road. Wong also dropped a little tidbit explaining why the MX hasn't launched yet: Meizu is looking to pack an improved, backside-illuminated camera into the unit. With all of the unique work Meizu is doing right now, we hope that the MX comes to the states someday — it could stand out even in this crowded market.