What are your favourite tablet apps?

Anyone who has a Honeycomb tablet knows how hard it is to find good apps, since so many of those in the market are meant for phones. Though this might become much less relevant once ICS starts hitting tablets, there will still be a lot of people out there with Honeycomb tablets, and all of the apps in the market obviously won't become compatible with tablets over night.

So if anyone has some good apps and/or widgets for Honeycomb tablets, post them here so the rest of us can expand our horizons a little. Think of this as the equivalent of the "Editor's Choice" section, but just for tablets.

My favourites are as follows:

Plume (great twitter client for tablet, only thing it's missing is proper retweets)
Beyond Pod (the only podcast reader I have yet found that looks good on a tablet, and it is not a bad app in itself)
Google Reader and Pulse (for RSS feeds, the former being one of my favourite apps of all time)
Robotek (a decent turn-based game that looks great on a tablet)
Google Docs (a lot more usable with a a recent update it got)
Open Office (only a document reader for now, but the only decent one I've found that works on tablets)
F5 (not sure if this is a proper tablet app, but it looks good and works well blown up if it isn't, it's a reddit browser, if that's your thing)
Astro (file manager and back-up tool with a usable tablet interface)