Android 4.0 Phone/Tablet duality

Android 4.0 is the unified Phone & Tablet OS.

So I have a question: Will there be a way to trick or force Android 4.0 to behave like a tablet rather than a phone on the Galaxy Nexus (or other future ICS phones)? What are your thoughts?

I know there would be drawbacks to doing that (smaller onscreen buttons making interactivity difficult). But there could also be some benefits.

I'll give you an example. The Autodesk SketchBook apps come in a mobile version (currently for 2.1+ devices) and a tablet version (3.0+ devices). The interface on the tablet version seems nicer and more functional, so it would be nice to be able to get the app to behave like the tablet version on the Galaxy Nexus. This is just one example.

Though these two versions SketchBook are actually 2 different apps, I assume in the future apps will have 1 version that will simply behave differently depending on the devices form-factor ID. What do you guys think about this stuff?

Will phones be able to behave as tablets and run apps as tablets would?

Will apps be released as one .apk with both phone and tablet functionality contained (I believe the native Google apps will do this, but do you think other developers will adopt this method)?