The Verge review? Anyone?

Since this site is new and all, and seeing how the site does reviews. Will The Verge ever get a review? Should The verge be reviewed by other sites? Should the community review The Verge? What about its own journalist team?


I've been thinking about this for a while, and though that Joshua Topolsky & co. should do a review of their own site to let us see whether the site is living up to the standards that they have of it in their minds. I know it's a pretty crazy idea, and that they might be biased into doing self-favoring reviews, but I just want to see an exercise of them doing a review of it as objectively as possible, maybe even include a review score to let us have a grasp of where are they setting the bar for the future versions of The Verge.


So how about it, guys? Do you agree with me? Do you think that I'm crazy in thinking that the writers in the site would even bother to review the site? Do the writers themselves have any input on this? (I'm just too damn curious about random things like this.)