Digitech, a major player in guitar effects, has just announced a pedalboard powered entirely by your iPad. Like a giant iCade for guitarists, users can drop their iPad into the iPB-10 chassis, plug their guitar and amp in, and endlessly tweak their ton. The corresponding iPB-Nexus app is the brains behind this experience; it controls 87 virtual pedals that you can drag, drop, and assign to hardware footswitches. There's also several dozen amp and speaker simulators to add more layers to your tone.

The iPB-10 separates itself from the old pedalboards of yore by offering greater ease of customization. Rather than navigating through endless lists and menus on a tiny screen, you can use the full screen size of your iPad to build and save up to 100 present pedal configurations. There are a few caveats worth mentioning, though. For starters, this isn't a cheap solution. The board alone will set you back $499.99, and that's not factoring in the cost of an iPad. It's also a rather fragile setup for live performance — that giant glass iPad screen could be seriously threatened by errant footstomping or spilled drinks.