Oink is now available to download in the iTunes App Store. First revealed at the Web 2.0 summit in late October by Digg co-founder Kevin Rose, the app allows users to rate specific things inside a place. All ratings are then synthesized to sort particular things by popularity, such as the best sushi or wine. To incentivize participation, users build "cred" in particular categories, and unlock more functionality as they "level up" over time. This highly specific take on recommendations is a novel spin in a space that's becoming increasingly cramped, but if it'll help us decide which Ray's pizza is actually the best in New York, Rose and co. might have a winner on their hands.

Update: The process for joining in involves signing up and waiting for an invite from Oink. Ours came through within an hour, but we've heard others have had to wait a bit longer than that. Patience is a virtue.