RED is taking the fight to Canon in a big way, announcing its new Scarlet-X video camera on the same day that Canon revealed its EOS C300. Details are a little thin right now, as the rabid RED community has utterly taken down the company's servers. So the company's CEO is distributing information live to a small crowd and Twitter users are filling in the details for the rest of us. Most of our information comes via @fxguidelive, who reports that the Scarlet-X has an S35 sensor and the whole camera is essentially "Epic's little sister," with similar functionality. It's capable of 5k stills and 4K video at 25fps. Ratcheting down the resolution to 3K enabled 48fps, 2K gets you 60fps, and at 1K it can handle a whopping 120fps. It can write data at 50mb per second using RED's proprietary "Redcode RAW" format to an SSD via the included slot. Twitter user @alexhallajian gets credit for the first image of the Scarlet-X, above.

The Scarlet-X will retail for $9750, according to @fxguidelive, with a "full kit" chiming in at just under $14k. It's a bummer RED hasn't been able keep its website up to make a proper announcement. Hopefully the November 17th ship date for the PL mount version and the December 1st date for the Canon mount both go more smoothly. We've embedded RED's teaser trailer below, along with some pictures of the Scarlet-X.

(Thanks, Justin!)