In an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, Meg Whitman teased a decision about the fate of webOS once again: this time she says there should be a verdict in two weeks. Early this month she said a decision would be made "in the next three to four weeks," so this gives her a bit more breathing room. Still, the mobile operating system has been in its death throes since August, and there's little comfort to be found in Whitman taking her time. Meg admits that this is rough on the 600 or so webOS-related employees that remain at HP, although almost all of the top Palm talent has already fled the directionless company, and HP has soaked up billions in losses in its whole Palm debacle. She did also say that "we need to have another operating system," but Windows 8 tablets for 2012 have already been promised by the company, and HP could easily partner with Google or Microsoft for a more mature phone operating system if it wants to stay in the smartphone business. Basically, we're back where we started when Leo Apotheker got HP into this mess, and the dream of millions of webOS fans is fading fast.