Verizon acknowledges Galaxy Nexus is coming (sort of - again)



Took my Galaxy Nexus for a tour around the local stores this afternoon. This was by way of thanking them for their patience in letting me play with phones even when they know that I am not going to buy anything from them.

The overall reaction was favorable tolerance of my time wasting. People were impressed with the speed of the camera and the look of the screen.

The most telling reaction was at the Verizon store. The gals at the counter were please to see the phone and were very impressed with the Face Unlock feature. More importantly, they quickly moved on to the important task of trying to sell me stuff.

"Would you like some accessories, sir?"

"Really, you have some? Huh. Waddya got"

"We have screen protectors and cases, let me fetch them for you"

Turns out that they've had these in stock for a week or more. They had four different cases:

  • pouch/case combo
  • shell/case combo
  • softer shell
  • straight shell

And screen protectors.

All were badged "Samsung Galaxy Nexus" and I think the cases were $23 to $30

The gals were saying "Dude, you spent a fortune on the phone, you need protection" Twas tempted, but I decided to see how I go and if I really feel that I'm gonna drop it all the time then I'll get a case.

So there you have it, Verizon acknowledges that the Galaxy Nexus will be coming.

And no, none of the staff said they had seen a date.

They're gonna blow this, aren't they. Let the conspiracy theories bloom and continue...