When Swype released its new beta a few weeks ago, one of the big additions was over-the-air updates, and its already putting them to use by rolling out a new text prediction engine that uses context to improve results. The engine analyzes each word as you enter it to better pin down what you're trying to say as a coherent phrase, rather than the usual series of discrete words. Over time, it builds a profile of your usage, which Swype claims can improve accuracy by up to 40 percent — and thanks to OTA updating you won't lose that profile every time you upgrade to a new version. Only a handful of languages are supported by the new engine as of this release, but more are promised soon. 

Japanese users anxious to start Swyping will also be happy to hear that the update adds native Japanese language support, though they will be left out of the context-aware prediction party for the moment. The update is rolling out over the next 72 hours, so if you're a Swype Beta user, your update notification should be arriving soon.