Crappy Resistive Android Tablet... For Sketching?

"No, don't buy a Augen Gentouch or [Insert piece of crap here]."

Look. I'm in the business for a simple tablet to do sketching on. I have a TouchPad from the firesale, but honestly, capacitive styluses just don't cut it. As a student, I don't have much money to spend, which led me to older tablets like the HP tc1100 which regularly run for ~150 on eBay. They have crappy screens, thick chassis, and a bit of heft to go along with that price tag, though they do have the guts to run simple sketching programs. I was down on buying one after I sold another 32Gb Touchpad swept up from OnSale's disaster.

Then, I had an idea.

I don't expect to be creating masterpieces, I just want something simple. I'm tired of carrying around pencils, pens, ink re-fills, or lead refills in order to just jot an interesting design down only then to smudge, lose, tear, or beat up a moleskine (I'm not very nice to paper products) and then have to go through the shitty Window's scanning process in order to get a so-so image into a digital file so that I can reference it later without smudging a sketchpad some more.

I perused craigslist just after finding a hopeful tc1100 to bid on in the future... what I found instead was a gentleman trying to peddle his crappy Velocity Cruz Reader for sixty Hamiltons. That's ~43 euros for European gents and $60 for those who don't know their USD and presidents.  I had already read about this crapfest device when I wanted to first experiment with Android - hey college students are supposed to experiment, right? I knew it had a resistive touchscreen, and I passed because those suck - obviously. Well, here I am thinking, "I really want to use a pointed object to draw, not a smooshy marshmallow." The light-bulb obviously clicked on at this point.


Anyways. TLDR.

Are there any of these crappy, dirtcheap tablets that can run a decent sketching app with a resistive touchscreen? ( I know you'll probably just say "no," okay?)

Better question:

Has anyone tried this? I googled... found nothing. How did it work if you did?