Ready for another Barnes & Noble event spoiler? In addition to the Nook Tablet, which was leaked just yesterday, it looks like the bookstore has a price drop planned for the Nook Color. According to the document below obtained by Android Central, the Nook Color won't only be dropping to $199 but it will also be getting Hulu Plus, Rhapsody, MOG, and Grooveshark apps via a 1.4 software update. That's not a bad deal considering the Nook Color has been locked at $249 for the last year, but with the Nook Tablet rumored to be just $249 and the Kindle Fire also hitting at $199 yet with better specs, the Nook Color's glory days may just be nearing the end. Of course, we'll wait on making that call until Monday, when we'll be at Barnes & Noble's event bright and early to bring you all the news.