Games that defined your childhood

Those games that send you back in time when you hear a little snippet of the soundtrack. The ones that make you wish you had flood insurance when they send a tidal wave of nostalgia your way.  I'll choose a more obscure title from my early days.  

I've never posted on anything SBNation/Vox owned before so I have no idea what you folks' policy is about language.  So might as well let you know there is some in the title of an embedded Youtube video.


Jedi Academy?  Rogue Squadron?  
Naw homie, this is Droidworks.

Looks awesome, doesn’t it?  Design and deploy droids. To outsmart the evil Empire.  The images now floating through your mind are probably of super awesome assassin droids.  R2-D2 with a flamethrower and a vendetta against the Sith.  C-3PO smack-talking Darth Vader in over nine thousand six million forms of communication.  Well, allow me to correct that notion.  Because this is no ordinary video game: this is an educational video game. 

How educational?  Well, the first mission has you "outsmarting the evil Empire" by pushing crates around and moving up a ramp.  Remember that scene in The Empire Strikes Back?  Yeah, I must’ve slept through it too.


How do they work?

Look at that droid dancing like a bawse about 10 seconds into the video.  That was probably the most exciting part of the video game.  Building the droid was a balancing act between making it heavy/powerful and short on battery life or light/fast and long on battery life.  And it involved plenty of you dancing around, as well: dancing in frustration as you watched your meticulously-built droid slide down a ramp because it was too heavy, that is.  

At least robo-Navi was around to help you out, right?  ...Right?  

Yeah, I know I've been hatin' on this game for the past 275 or so words, but it's one of those games that reminds me of my childhood nonetheless.  And I must begrudgingly admit that it gave me no little sense of satisfaction to complete one of the missions. Dammit, maybe it was kind of fun.

Anyway, how about you guys?