Long Form Content Wish List

I know many of us have enjoyed the long form pieces Condo and the End of the World and The Future Passed: Jetpack Edition.

When I clicked on the article Fake Mars Mission Fake Returns to Real Earth, I had my hopes up that we were getting another big article for The Verge's opening week. While it turned out to be just a blurb, it kept thinking it would be a pretty neat article to read about daily life one a 500 day pretend space mission. What did they eat? How did they excercise? Who had the worst gas? Do they enjoy each other's company more, less or the same then when they started? How did their families deal with it? What were holidays like? What did they do for fun or to pass time? Seeing as the mission just ended, I'm sure eventually somebody will do a big piece on it.

What other stories, recent or old, would you like to read about in long format?