Lumia 800 PAYG or Unlocked Availability UK

Hi Peeps

any update on Lumia 800s unlocked or on PAYG? Currently the only major UK Carrier offering a PAYG option is 3. and even that option is not available to pre-order, its classed as coming soon or register your details for further info. I'm not particularly interested in PAYG as I just want an unlocked phone at a decent price, 3 are listing the Lumia 800 PAYG for £399 which i think is very reasonable, a few other sites are advertising unlocked Lumias for £465 or thereabouts but their stock appears dubious at best and I think that's too pricey in any case. If you have any links to Lumias unlocked or PAYG, please post them here. I've included a few links but like I said, I'm a bit suspect of the advertised delivery dates