There's a growing Windows Phone homebrew app community, but installing those apps has required a $99 Microsoft developer account — until now. The team at ChevronWP7 has released a new tool to unlock your Windows Phone so that you can sideload any app you'd like. The tool uses Windows Live ID to identify users and create the unlock tokens, which makes a bit of sense given that the ChevronWP7 team has been working with the full knowledge and blessings of Microsoft itself.

After you pay a $9 fee, you'll have access to a single-use token and a Windows-based tool that will use it to unlock your Windows Phone — though we'll remind you that this is an app unlock, not a SIM unlock. The tool is temporarily offline as of this writing, but we expect it will be back online soon. Once it is, you could be happily using folders on your start screen, performing screen captures, and doing many more things that are not possible with Windows Phone Marketplace apps.

Thanks Impress Me for the tip!