Blackberry Build Quality

Hello, fellow Blackberry owners, I think I see a few of you left in this circus of iOS, Android and WP7. I'd like to know about your personal experience, as I've found no suitable other place on the internet for information of this sort.

Basically, because I am a High Schooler, I am at the mercy of my parents to pay for my cellular device and bill, which actually is what lead me to getting the 9670 (or, in laymen's terms, the Style) in late June because it was free on contract. I had the same general experience most owners have for the first few months, slowly noticing little tiny annoying faults.

But, that's not the point. The point is, in mid September, my external notification LCD ruptured spontaneously, for no identifiable reason I might add, and has been useless ever since. The rest of the phone, save for the volume and end call buttons is in fairly decent condition, just normal wear and tear. Has any other owner of this device, or any device really, ever had this happen to you or somebody you know? Please share your story, I'd like to know if I'm an anomaly or not.