What are your thoughts on DLC?

Downloadable Content is quickly becoming a part of our video game culture. They are part of most games from Little Big Planet to Call of Duty. Some DLC's are free while others cost close to $30.

Many game publishers are releasing DLC's on the day the games are released. It could be that they couldn't get this content into the game before a certain deadline and they thought it would be a better idea to just release it when the physical game is out. There are also other game publishers that release content for $10+ which are just map packs or even character skins. 

Game publishers like Rockstar have released DLC's but their content have been more of expansion packs, such as Grand Theft Auto's The Lost and Damned & Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare.

So how does the Verge community feel about game publishers releasing DLC just to milk out whatever they can from a certain title.