Hey I've noticed some thing about android

Over the past 2 years of reading on tech blogs, commenting, and participating in other activities, I have noticed a funny trend. There is always some rumors that come out about a phone that gets everyone hyped up about it. Most of the time it is the specs. The rumored specs most of the time far outseed the finaly package of the phone so people get disappointed. But even when the specs are close to what was speculated, they don't generate a better user experience. For example the tmobile GS2


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The tombile version has a 1.5 dual core porcessor. From the sounds of it, it should blow away  anything else because most people think faster clock speed generates faster speeds. That is somewhat true but the software has to be optimized to take advantage of the hardware. A great example of this would have to be the IPhone 4s.


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It has a dual core processor that is clocked at 800ghz, but it is still extremely smooth and slick. The web browser is the faster out there said by josh and many of the reviewers. You dont get any lag. here is a comparison video of the web browser performance done by Vincent from Slashgear. 


What i have noticed is you shouldn't really worry about specs because they don't always make a huge difference when it comes to performance if not accompanied with the right software. This has happened in many android handsets where specs didn't add up. Why do you think this happens. Is it that the manufacturors are in a rush to compete that they don't full optimize the software for the phone or is it some other factors?