Useful and functional apps with HORRID UI/UX/ them

This is a recreation of a thread I had on XDA that I feel will get better responses.

A lot of apps on the market are absolutely functional but also hideous or needlessly complex...this cannot stand.

Off the top of my head I am going to name 5.

1) Astro File Manager.


  • App Icon is still stuck in pre 2.0 mode...hideous IMO
  • Even with the new design the app looks like a half hearted attempt to look like an ICS app
  • The pop up menu system is ugly...
2) Root Explorer and  "SU File Browser & Terminal"
  • Root explorer app icon and interface is soooo "my first Android app" looking...utterly horrific.
  • SUFB&T is a step up interface wise from Root Explorer but it's UX suffers a lot.
  1. You can't turn off auto rotation...which runs independent to the system settings...can be annoying
  2. It has a Sense UI look to it which when that was the new hotness was good...but now it looks bad IMO
  3. Navigation could use some work and the UI/UX itself needs an overhaul...hell I feel all File Explorer apps should look at MIUI File Browser for inspiration...well done and super functional
3) Titanium Backup
  • UX could be simplified for the not too tech savvy...
  • UI could DEFINITELY be prettied up a bit...
  • I con sucks, notification icons suck...
4) SetCPU
  • would benefit from an overhaul like Superuser had...otherwise pretty good and the UX is really simple
5) AndroZip
  • UX definitely needs work...Astro handles extracting Zip files better and it wasn't designed initially for that
  • App icon sucks...thank you Signa for keeping me from looking at it. (I made it's icon :-) )
  • UI needs work too...again, look at MIUI File Browser...I'm not sure how all these file browser makers don't feel inadequate when looking at that thing of beauty. 
  • JUST
add more...let's get this topic going.