Going from Nexus One to iPhone 4S or Galaxy S2

I currently have a Nexus One (rooted & running Cyanogen) on T-Mo, but with the impending AT&T/T-Mobile merger, and crappy coverage of T-Mo where I moved to, I'm looking to switch to Sprint.  I love my Nexus One and have had lots of fun tinkering with it, but it's time for a new phone after almost two years (longest I've ever had a phone BTW).

I know I'm going to go with Sprint, whom I had before I got the Nexus One, but I'm really torn with either getting a 4S or a Galaxy S2.  I really like the level of customization that I can get with Android, especially after rooting it, but the whole Apple ecosystem and availability of 3rd party accessories for iOS devices is really appealing as well.  I know if I get another Android device, it must be rootable, and if I get a 4S, I'll be Jailbreaking it.

So my question to you is this, is there anyone here who switched from Android to get a 4S.  I'm not looking for someone who had an iPhone first, then got an Android and decided they didn't like it and went back.  I'm looking for someone who had and Android device and loved it, but was finally lured to the dark side and got an iPhone.  Do you like it, hate it, is it OK?  Will you stay with Apple or will you be switching back to Android, and why will you be staying or going back.