The Pains of a 2-year Contract

Many tech writers, The Verge crew included, go out of their way to explain that they live in a different world when it comes to tech. They are constantly using, testing, and reviewing new products. This constant flow of gadgets gives them a different perspective than the average consumer and often gives them incentive to keep pace with the latest and greatest products. When it comes to cellphones, the idea of upholding a 2-year contract is laughable.


Here, in the world of the 2-year contract, things are a bit different. If you're anything like me you sit back and watch as this stream of new devices flows through your fingers and you mumble to yourself, "This is my next..." only to realize you have 8 more months of waiting and by then you will have proclaimed "This is my next" so many times that it has become a meaningless statement that causes all of your loved ones to worry about you.


Once you reach the end of that contract your carrier tells you, "Go. Be free. Pick any phone you wish and we will grant you the gift of subsidy." At this point, picking your next becomes a daunting task.  For 2 years you have watched as device after device brought shame to your lowly, stupid phone. You've wanted so bad to jump ship, to pick any one of those devices and see it outclass your current phone in every way. And now, the time has come. But, wait. What's that you say? A new flagship device is set to be released next month and in the following weeks no less than 8 other devices will come out to vie for the top spot?


Well, shit. Here we go again. It really doesn't matter which device you choose because it will be a piece in a few short weeks.