"Quick Reads" and "Read this Now" Sections have to be destroyed

I actually like the grid, magazine layout of the Verge, but the problem is that these sections just interfere and ruin the flow of the reading experience.  

Furthermore, these specfic sections shouldn't even exist...period.  The featured article section makes "Read this Now" redundant.

As far as "quick reads" go, I don't like how those articles are in a way separated from other Verge Articles.  I want them all to be in the main section and not treated with 2nd class status.  I''ve actually found those "quick reads" to be more interesting.   

I think the site is an OK start, but unless these things get fixed (fast), I don't know how much longer I can stay here.  These problems make things confusing and make it a bad experience.  

Right now, you guys are like Android Honeycomb.  There are good things here and there, but overall its a mess.