Imagine a world without iphones

We are moving into a digital age were everyone is connected at all the time. Smartphone's are on a rise. People are constantly tweeting, updating statuses, checking email, and reading content on the go with there smartphones. My smartphone of choice is an iphone. I have been a loyal iphone user since the launch of the 3g. Before that i used a palm treo. Upon updating to iphone 4, last year i sold my 3g a week in advance to buy the 4. That week or so i didn't have my iphone was a terrible experience. I had so many problems with my treo at that time, I couldnt really check email or search the web like on my iphone, i had no facebook app or anything like that. I felt so disconnected. I really hated the keyboard on the treo as well. Going back to the treo was hell. Has anyone else ever gone back, or have done anything similar? Let me know how your experience went.