Tv Forecast (adding spesific shows to your TV calendar)


I got a question about TV forecast programs/web applications.

I watch a lot of show, (on and off, 50+ shows) - To keep track of everything I use the app "TV Forecast" on my iPhone which is good, got all the programs i need and hundreds more. My question is, is there any Program / web application (pref web app) that will do the same as TV Forecast? 

(For the people that doesn't know what TV Forecast app on the iPhone is: You write down the name of the show you watch and you get a list of all the shows, which day they run and at what time. You get exactly what u need, and not 100 + shows which you only watch 10-12 out of 100) 

I found a website named: which is very good, I like it a lot - its just like TV Forecast but for the web. The only problem here is that ALL the shows is not shown on this list, they have 300...(something) shows but I'm missing like 20-25 shows I really am addicted to. 

So what I do now is + TV Forecast app on the iPhone.

My Question is: is there any web applications / Programs which I can use on my Windows computer that will allow me to do this? and hopefully have all ( almost ) all TV shows. 

Thanks for the help!
(And to answer your question about why I wont just use the TV Forecast app on my iPhone is that I don't like the interface a lot, and its annoying to always take out my phone and update the app and then scroll down my list on my computer and type in the shows I want to watch, Web app makes this a lot easier and funner)