The Woeful Story of the Graphing Calculator

It all started around last September. Basically, being a High School student, I had to purchase a graphing calculator in recent memory, and the price was around $105, for Texas Instruments basic low end graphing calculator, and putting it side by side with my 2nd Generation iPod Touch, I was hardly impressed by the lackluster device.

We then fast-forward to yesterday, when we were cleaning out my Dad's old study in the basement. I found this old catalog for gadgets and electronics and everything, and there were calculators in it. What shocked me the most was the basic TI Graphing Calculator was $110! Over 15 years have passed, and yet there's been absolutely no advancement in this category? Is it due to the monopoly TI has on this market, exploiting High School parents? Lack of interest in making the calculator any more powerful (though with that logic, the price shouldn't be that high). I mean, in all seriousness, why has nobody called foul on this at all? They release the same calculator year after year with a slightly different body design. 

I for one am bamboozled.