iOS 5 is not entirely PC-free

iOS and iTunes have a complicated relationship right now. I can use my iPhone for days on end without syncing to iTunes, thanks to iCloud features like automatic downloading, and it feels very modern and convenient. But then there's stuff that still feels like it didn't get the memo.

- Podcasts: There's no subscription management in iOS so I still need to sync to get the latest episodes, unless I want to look for them individually.

- Playcounts, ratings, and other meta-data: When I've tried to delete and re-download a purchased song, all this data is gone. Apparently it's not tied to my AppleID but still stored in that library XML file. The only way to keep this useful data around is to sync the old fashioned way.

- Genius data can only be collected in iTunes, and has to be synced to your device.

- Apps purchased on my iPhone insist on being synced back into iTunes, even though I have "sync apps" unchecked and app data is supposedly being backed up to iCloud. 

And so I'm forced to do some hard time with iTunes every few days, which takes forever and is a real letdown. iTunes still feels like it has a "digital hub" mentality with some cloud features patched in. I think several things need to be reworked in iTunes and iOS to complete the PC-free picture. What do you think?