Need a Mac recommendation!

Recommendation needed...

I have a 2011 Macbook Air that I love (my first Mac). I'm now trying to convince my girlfriend to also switch to Mac as she is desperately in need of a new laptop. Issue is, she only has <$1000 to spend, the cheaper the better.

So, two thoughts... one, get a refurbished Mac from the Apple store or two, buy one used.

She wants a 13" that is small and light and reasonably fast (only really does internet surfing, documents, gaming or anything of that sort).

Seems like there are a few ways to go...

Refurbished Air or Macbook or MBP (all around $900). Used Macbook/Air from Ebay, CL, etc...these can be had for >$400 (there's a black Macbook on CL near me for $450).

Just not sure which way to is appreciated!


(ps...she's coming from a Dell Inspiron tank from 2006 or so)