The F-Word

Dude, I've had my Samsung Epic 4G for over a year and I am still using Froyo.  When the hell is Sprint going to roll out a Gingerbread update?  Why does it take so freakin' long?  

Froyo is a great operating system.  I just feel that after paying a premium $250 with a two-year contract I deserve the latest and greatest that Android has to offer.  I wish someone in the development community would explain why it takes so goddamned long to roll out an update.  Is it because of the physical keyboard?  The Samsung Stratosphere just came out and it's practically the same phone running Gingerbread, so come on!

I sincerely hope that the Epic 4G does not get swept to the side as a result of the GS2 phones hitting the market.  I still have almost a year left on my contract, and, honestly, the Epic 4G is one of the best Android phones with a QWERTY keyboard money can buy.  I just gotta know: why the snub?