Reoccuring Article Request(s)

I'm hoping that once things slow down a little (if that's possible), I'd like to see an ongoing article that features a different staff member and what technology equipment, software, apps, or anything else they can't live without.  It could be the camera, lenses, and more.  It could be their personal home entertainment setup.  These articles should be more than just "look what I have", but why they use what they use and what not to use.  Maybe even end it with a "if I had all the money in the world i'd buy...".  

Also either as a part of this article or as a seperate article I'd like an inside look at the Verge.  I loved leading up to it's launch the article showing off the camera setup for your reviews.  I'd like to see a behind the scenes to your video podcast setup.  I think it would be interesting on a look back to big decision in the last 6 months when creating the Verge.  Maybe what other names you were looking at, logos, site design.  I think all these things are intersting especially coming from you guys.


Thanks for all the hard work and keep it up!