+1... Recommend()

Admit it.  You were a post whore on Engadget and TIMN.

You nurtured your +1's and worked hard on your Discus score/posts ratio.
I certainly did. 
I had in the back of my mind a ratio of 5 to 1.  An average of 5 points for each post.  I had in my head the concept of posts working for me.  Some were good money earners, some were lazy.  And I would consider before I posted if it was lucrative enough.  Some articles already had 400 posts in them and there was no point in throwing my two cents at such a late date.  Sometimes you'd strike it lucky and get in on the ground floor.  Luck out and be one of the first posters on some major event and rake in 50 points.

And you'd find your well considered thoughts were ignored and your dumb little dick joke that you regretted posting got a lucrative 15 likes.

Am I the only one who got mentally weird like this because of the Discus Like system?

I know others worked hard on their Troll-fu.  Raking in the money by posting the obvious Apple, Android, Nokia, Sony etc memes.  So....

So, here we are in Verge World.

With Recommends(3).

We don't have an overall Recommend count (Do we?  Is it in a corner I haven't noticed?).  The +1's we earn vanish into the ether.  Momentary rewards for a good post.

So what do you guys reckon?  Which way do you want it to go?

Do you fully Monetize the system?  One thing the Discus system does it virtually pay you for popular posts.  Not real money of course, but it is incentive to put in effort.  But it breeds Insanity.

But it's good to know that someone, somewhere likes what you post.

Or is the limited Verge system better?

Or nothing at all?