I will not leave until all members of the podcast post ITT

This is just a little feedback from an avid vergecast listener. I have been listening for a while, I started listening when it was the engadget podcast. Was deeply saddened when Josh Tops left engadget, I had no idea that the Verge was coming at that point. I felt so lost, but then TIMN and subsequently The Verge have had (in my opinion) great podcasts. As a subscriber to many RSS feeds (I read every single post from The Verge and three other tech news sites) most of the news you guys talk about in the podcast isn't exactly news to me, but oftentimes you come to the same conclusions as I have on the reasoning behind many stories.


My favorite part of the podcast is the tangents you guys get on. I normally listen to the podcast on my way to work Monday mornings and it always helps me start my week off with a laugh. Never stop naming websites for people to buy before you can, never stop threatening to fire Nilay, never stop loving Meego, never stop shopping on the podcast, never stop doing impressions of CEO's, never stop letting your personalities and antics get in the way of the news. 


In an unrelated note, I love the video reviews. They help me get a quick impression of the 100 Android phones I don't really care about but feel obligated to know about.

On another unrelated note, OSX feels like poison to me.


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