Bug: Embedded Youtube videos scroll over the fixed bar at the top of the screen.

I've noticed a little bug in several post that include embedded Youtube videos. When scrolling past the videos they appear over the bar that's fixed at the top of the browser. An example of a post with this problem can be seen here. This can be fixed. Just check the "Use old embed code" when grabbing the HTML to embed from Youtube and make a few simple changes to the code.

Here is the "old embed code" from one of the Youtube videos in the post above unedited:

Here is the edited version of that code.

All you need to do with the code is add a 'param' tag with 'name=wmode' and 'value=opaque' attributes as well as a 'wmode="opaque" ' attribute to the embed tag.

I hope you guys see this post. I love the site but this is one thing that's been bugging me in it.