To tie in with the upcoming Droid RAZR launch, Verizon's going to offer both new and existing smartphone customers double the usual data allotment for the same price. As of tomorrow, $30 will get you 4GB instead of 2GB, all the way up to a whopping 20GB for $80 a month. The best part of this deal? Once you sign up for the upgraded data plan, you'll keep it for the life of your 4G smartphone — Verizon confirmed that there's a limited time to sign up for the data plan, but not to use it.

Unfortunately for non-4G users, this will only apply to 4G smartphones — that means all those new iPhone 4S owners will miss the deal. Verizon's also launching a new, less expensive data plan; $20 will buy you 300MB each month, $5 more than AT&T's 200MB plan. The bottom line is that Verizon just substantially increased the amount of data you get for your dollar through the holiday season... now, AT&T — care to respond?