Boxee Box (whats your thoughts/Experiences)


Tomorrow my Dlink Boxee Box is arriving in the mail and I'm really excited to add it to my setup. Currently I have a  40" LED Samsung TV (has ethernet no wifi or apps though) with a Playstation 3 connected to it. The PS3 has a 1tb HDD connected to it with a few hundred gb's of Movies and Music. The PS3 is a great media device however for playing local content, its slow to load and the interface is rather boring.

SO I decided to add the Boxee box to my lineup with the 1TB drive attached to it. I love Boxee's beautiful interface with detail movies covers and info for your locally stored content. I have cable (just standard 70 channel cable) so I'm not trying to cut the cord but do watch a fair amount of Internet Television on my macbook Pro. I have a Google TV (Logitech Revue) connected to my Bedroom TV with a 320gb HDD connected to it but Google TV (pre-Honeycomb Update) is really boring and slow. I am hoping to use my PS3 for strickly gaming now and use the Boxee Box for my local content as well as Internet TV. 
All the reviews I have read of the Boxee Box are from its initial release and pre- all the updates it has received so I am wanting to hear your thoughts, experiences and issues with the Boxee Box wether you own it or are thinking about owning or why you will never own it.