Vergecast 001 review


As the co-founder of mintcast I regret the naming desicion and rather the generic terms be used. That being said, I don't like the name Vergecast. Nevertheless, read on for the full review.

Intro music

I don't remember what it was, so it probably wasn't very good.

Verge site

30 minutes of the guys patting themselves on the back for creating a hipster news site that is better than an AOL blog. Well deserved but you can probably skip it if you're in a rush.

Nokia Lumia 800 review?

No it's not. Paul makes obscure references to his childhood, Josh buys (or so we think), Nily talks about the product. Josh thinks Microsoft should turn WP7 into a pissing contest like Android.

Gmail for iPhone

iOS should be more like Android and Mac Mail app is terrible. Oh hey, arn't streams cool? Death threats from Josh. All iOS battery problems are explained in detail. Oh wait, nope. Just complaining about too many choices.

Siri servers are down

Some sexual reference about Siri then Nilay quit

The verge forums

Someone posted something cool, Sony doesn't know how to build a house.

Bill gates + courior

The courior is nothing like a dreamcast. Bill Gates is goth...Josh almost dies and wonders if the podcast is almost over.

HP slate 2

Bleepity boop for webOS.


Everyone was drunk and on viagara. And depending what year your penneys were pressed, you should or not get the red leather jacket.


Paul says the F word and Josh threatens to kill someone. Typical for 1:30+ minutes. Bing sucks but I was on Facebook Google+ so I wasn't paying attention.


Josh hates Windows but likes the Roku? Paul doesn't watch HBO, and I'm getting hungry. Can you stream HBO go to airplay? The world may never know.


Video? yes
uStream? maybe not
forum? meta-ish


The Vergecast is like HTC phones for the past 2 years, pretty much the same as the Engadgcast and TIMNCAST. Same old same old. I give the first 30 minutes a 6, the middle hour a 7, and the last a-ga-jabillion minutes a skip-it Listen score = 4 Can a forum mod please give me one of those cool little orange boxes?