ASK THE CORE: Best back-up solutions, primarily for iPhoto

My wife knocked her Macbook off of her desk last night, and it got me to thinking -- "All of our family photos are on that machine, and my wife is supremely clumsy. I need a back-up solution, and how!" So, here's what I've been thinking:

  1. Cloud back-up - This would be ideal, but after researching all the issues people are having with iPhoto and Dropbox (duplicated libraries, corrupted files, broken symlinks) I'm starting to have my doubts. Also, our photo library is rather large (100 GB+) and the largest personal plan that DB offers is 100 GB, so... not sure how I'd work around that. iCloud doesn't seem to be a solution either.
  2. Time Capsule - I'm leaning heavily towards the 2 TB Time Capsule, but it still leaves me with the issue of having to worry about my house burning down, and me needing to rescue this thing. Still, considering the size of my iPhoto library, and the ease of using Time Machine, this seems like the best solution.

Further considerations are that I have multiple machines (Macbook, MBP, and a MBA), two iPhones, and an iPad. I'd love to be able to back up everything to one place. What back-up solutions do you use? Is there a better cloud storage solution that doesn't screw up iPhoto? I'd love to hear any and all suggestions / configurations. Thanks!