Streaming service Mog has added another notch to its device support today, joining its rival Spotify in being available on Logitech's Squeezebox range. This comes in the same week that it announced a deal with AT&T to be preloaded on the carrier's pair of newly-launched LTE phones, and marks another step in the firm's push for mass-adoption. For those of you who've yet to try it (or who are outside the US), Mog provides a similar service to Spotify: a large music library available to stream free for all, with a $4.99 monthly Basic package to remove the ads and streaming limits, and a $9.99 Primo price point to use the service on mobile devices (e.g. iOS or Android). Your choice might well be different though — Spotify offers 15 million tracks as compared to Mog's 13 million.

For Squeezebox owners looking for a streaming service, Mog is the cheaper option over Spotify, coming in at $4.99 for a compatible subscription where Spotify needs the $9.99 Premium service. For those of you that are already subscribers, the app's available to download on your device now.