Months before Intel decided to jump-start its new ultrabook category, Lenovo made an extremely thin laptop which essentially fit 95 percent of Intel’s vision: the IdeaPad U260. The aluminum-wrapped laptop, which came out last December, was just 0.7 inches thick and was one of the best Windows ultraportables ever created in terms of performance and overall build. However, it couldn’t take on its closest competitor — the MacBook Air — for one major reason: battery life. An incredibly thin laptop cannot last under three hours on a charge and expect to be taken as a serious rival.

But every first draft deserves a rewrite, and the 13.3-inch, $1,199 IdeaPad U300s is just that. The latest ultrabook entrant has the now-familiar Intel-mandated attributes, including Core i5 / i7 processors, 256GB solid-state drives for fast boot and resume times, and long battery life. So has a year and some direction from Intel made the U300s the perfect laptop? Or does it — like the other two ultrabooks out there — have another set of issues entirely? Those answers and many many more await in the review below.